Coffee Bean Varieties

At THAT COLD STUFF we are often asked about the beans we use. So Ive decided to write a quick little post to clear a few things up :) 

A lot of people ask what type of bean we use the short answer is 100% Arabica, the long answer I will get into shortly. Before that however it is important to know the difference between the TYPE or species of bean compared to the ORIGIN of the bean.

There are two main species of coffee beans in the world, Coffee Arabica, and Coffee Robusta.  More than three-quarters of the beans that are sold in the world today are Coffee Arabica, the majority of the remaining bulk are Coffee Robusta also known as Coffee Canephora.

Coffee Robusta: 
These beans are of a lower grade than Arabica, and are typically grown at lower elevations. They are easier to grow and maintain, and they are also more disease resistant and produce a higher yield.  Robusta beans have more of an astringent flavor and contain a higher amount of caffeine.

Coffee Arabica: 
These are the higher quality beans and are referred to as gourmet coffee. They have half the amount of caffeine as Robusta and have more pleasing flavours and aromatic properties. Most Arabica bean varieties are name after their country or region in which they are found, or originated from. 

Roasting the Coffee

With THAT COLD STUFF we use what we feel is the perfect blend of 4 different beans all from South America. This blend is roasted specifically for us and is done locally right here in Perth to ensure the freshest and highest quality coffee for you. This process is is what produces the flavour and aroma of the coffee and has one national awards and medals.  Once the beans are removed from the roaster they are immediately cooled with air.  

Now its time to enjoy your Perfect Brew!!

The final product is a coffee with a Spiced Chocolate taste up the front chased up with a delicious fruity finish. But hey we are obviously biased on how GOOD our Cold Brew tastes so rather then take our word for it why not grab a pouch here and see for yourself. 

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