The story behind the brew!

9 years ago life was different. 9 years ago Nicky and I had a completely different outlook on things. We had no reason to care about what we put into our bodies, our focus in life was enjoying every moment. Which often meant we made detrimental decisions in regards to our health and fitness. We would often choose all nighters and "benders" lasting 2 or 3 days maybe more over going to bed early and getting up to train. All of this changed in March 2008, when we found out we were going to be parents. Its funny how one sentence can hit reset on your entire life.


For Nicky and I starting our own business has always been a goal. I have had many different ideas some have worked and still float around in the background. Nicky has always been more particular when it comes to it. Our goals have always been in someway or another aligned with the health and fitness industry. We have looked at fitness franchises, outdoor boot camps, supplements you name it we looked into it. 

A little insight into us, I wont go to much in to it, 3 months before our first daughter was born I was 152.8kg and not the good kind. The Dr told me in no uncertain terms that if I continued living the way I was I would be dead by 30, at best! What a fucking wake up call.

Now I am 33 years old and I tip the scales around the 92kg mark. Thats a loss of 60kgs.


Nicky also has embarked on her own fitness and weight loss journey. When we married she was an undisclosed weight... (I dont wanna get my ass kicked) she has however lost over 30kgs, and to me that is fucking impressive. 

Back to the coffee! 

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and me being the romantic motherfucker that I am, planned a surprise trip to San Francisco in October of 2016. (I feel in keeping with the honesty of this post, I should mention that I have never planned anything romantic in the 10 years we have been married) I managed to keep this trip from Nicky up until about 3 weeks prior to leaving, which was an effort in itself. 


One morning we were exploring the Russian Hill district, namely the world famous Lombard st, when we stumbled across a little cafe that was serving Coffee on tap? We had to try it. We both like to think of ourselves as coffee connoisseurs (amateurs at best).  With the first mouthful I was hooked the sweet taste, the creamy texture and the absence of that familiar bite that traditional espressos have, and we were hooked. We spent the rest of the trip hunting high and low for the best cold brew that was on offer. We searched in San Fran, we hunted in Nevada, we prospected in Vegas and we looked in Los Angeles. We found some amazing and not so amazing cold brews. 

Upon our return to Perth we went on a mission to find it. We looked high, we looked low. Apart from the odd cafe that was miles away from us we couldn't find any of our beloved Cold Stuff, or at least any that compared to our US experience. I actually went into a cafe one day like some kind of fucking crack head and asked for some of That Cold Stuff.... much to my disappointment they didn't have any.

The birth of the brand happened that day.


I recalled a story from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and replace his name with That Cold Stuff. "If we didn't have That Cold Stuff we would have to build it". So building it we did. As with everything new there was a lot of trial and error, although I wouldn't admit to it then, I can admit it now. The first couple of batches we made were fucking terrible. It wasn't until about 3 months after the first batch we found a local roaster and spoke with them extensively about our plans. After testing a few different types of coffee we decided on what we were going to use and set out to refine our ratios. Once we got what we thought was right we put the first of our samples out. The feedback was great, so we launched. 

Our launch day was nothing short of sensational. We launched in a Supplement store in Port Kennedy and within an hour of being in the store we sold out. In the words of Nate Diaz "Im not surprised motherfuckers" but in actual fact we were. 


We are now 18 months on since that launch day and every sampling day we do we get such positive feedback and we are still selling out the stock that the stores have weekly.

All of the bullshit aside the thing that really fucking excites Nicky and I about being able to get our coffee onto the market is that we are still able to help people, which was always our goals in business. We have a product that is Sugar free, Preservative free and Dairy free, it is a product that fits into a healthy lifestyle seamlessly. It is safe for use no matter what eating plan you are on or competition you are training for. Although we do have an online presence we aim to drive customers to our stockists promoting human interactions over online anonymity, but also being realists there is a huge market we simply haven't been able to reach yet. If you don`t live near one of our stockists and you do purchase online please be assured you will be served by either Nicky or I, and no matter what we are always there to answer any questions you have, about the brand, the coffee or us. 


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