THAT COLD STUFF - Reinventing Coffee from the grounds Up


Hot Coffee vs Cold Coffee what do you prefer? What if we told you you could have Cold Brewed Coffee aka That Cold Stuff served hot? Would you tell us we are crazy? We tell you to trust us! 


Since the dawn of time people have drank coffee hot, well except for new parents, introduce me to a first time parent who has had a hot coffee in the first six months of parenthood...... its ok I`ll wait...


Couldn't find one? Didn't think so. 


When we first started playing around with our Super secret cold brewing method we noticed one thing, unlike the hot counterpart, you could forget about this coffee and come back to it an hour later and it was still as equally delicious as when we first made it. It was ingenious! As time went on and the weather got colder Mr Cold Stuff started to crave a hot coffee. This is when things got super scientific... we wont bore you with the details ;) 

So as you are already aware That Cold Stuff is actually made with 100% Arabica beans from South America exactly where will remain a secret that will stay with us till the day we... decide to tell people. Being a concentrated cold brew means that it is super strong and depending on your level of manliness, depends on how much you dilute it, but we recommend 4:1 ration or 200mls of chosen liquid and 50mls of Concentrate.

Anyway back to the science of Mr Cold Stuff... "What happens if you add 200mls of boiled water to 50mls of That Cold Stuff?" he wondered. Like we said a huge chemical reaction occurs and all this sciency shit happens, all you need to know is the end result is a HOT Cold Brew Coffee. Meaning you get the AMAZING flavour you have come to love from us here at That Cold Stuff but warm! The beauty of this is that when it cools down, its OK, no problem you just drink it cold and it is still amazing! Further experimenting occurred as we are fans of Lattes and Long Macs from time to time, still no difference, equally as good as a freshly brewed Latte from your regular old coffee shop just tastier. Simply hit the milk with a Steam wand if you are fancy, or a microwave and a protein shaker if your not. Pour it over the cold brew and walla you have your self a That Cold Stuff latte. So if you are a fan of the traditional but still like to experiment with new things then That Cold Stuff is for you. The opportunities are endless. We truly are reinventing coffee from the grounds up! 

Join us and take a walk on the WILD SIDE.  

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