6 Reasons why That Cold Stuff is perfect before a workout.

It’s no secret That Cold Stuff provides energy and flavor within every sip, but some cold-brew drinkers may be unaware of just how much a cup of caffeine helps the mind and body while working out. Whether your day consists of an early-morning run or an afternoon session at the gym, a shot of That Cold Stuff at least 30 minutes before a workout can kick-start your energy and help you complete those final reps with ease. Still unsure if your pre-work regiment should include some caffeine? Read our six reasons below and let That Cold Stuff make working out an easier & enjoyable past time!

 1) Enjoy Your Energy

While caffeine is a natural stimulant, it also reaps powerful nootropic effects. Essentially, drinking caffeine before a workout helps prevent or block feelings of sedation or relaxation that may arise later. This provides a mental edge—as well as persistence—to finish strong. Since That Cold Stuff contains more than double the amount of caffeine than a regular brew, an quick mix of concentrate is key to enjoying newfound energy mid-sweat!

2) Burn. Baby Burn 

High amounts of caffeine, easily found in our magical elixr, help the body burn calories by breaking down fat cells more easily. Many studies prove that drinking coffee before working out not only allows your body to exercise longer, but also makes it easier to keep cravings in check! Research has found that when people drank caffeine before working out, they ate fewer calories post-exercise. Start your workout off with a serving of our Cold-Brew and maintain a healthy, balanced diet all-day long.

3) The Dehydration Myth is JUST A MYTH!

The fear of passing out mid-workout due to caffeine dehydration is one that can vanish your mind forever. Recent studies proved that drinking an average amount of coffee produces similar hydrating results as drinking an average amount of water. While water and coffee are not necessarily synonymous, the best way to combine caffeine into a pre-workout regimen would be to mix the two together. Sound familiar? We thought so! So don’t fear coffee before a workout and grab a cup of Cold-Brew Concentrate—blending a mix of ratio of 1-1of coffee and water—it makes for the perfect drink before working out.

4) No Pain No Gain? Not with Caffeine!

Consuming two to three cups of coffee before a high-intensity workout will minimise muscle pain that can occur throughout the body. Caffeine even shows up as a main ingredient in many over-the-counter pain relievers! Drinking That Cold Stuff before working out increases the ability to push your body harder without the soreness or painful side effects later that week.

5) Don’t Decaf!

Just dont, end of story. . . but there is a reason.

Research recently studied the effects of caffeinated coffee on circulation compared to decaffeinated coffee. The results? Those who drank caffeinated coffee gained a 30% increase in blood flow compared to decaf drinkers. Caffeine before a workout and in general helps the heart with circulation, decreasing cardiovascular problems and increasing healthier workouts. Sipping on our high quality caffeine before working out gives your muscles the oxygen they need!

6) Boost your Mind!

The situation seems all too familiar: you fall in love with a new workout video only to find yourself forgetting the techniques just a few days later at the gym. An easy solution? Caffeine. Drinking coffee can help boost the brain and its memory up to 24 hours after consumption. Choosing That Cold Stuff before working out can not only help with the workout but also help the brain.

Whether you’re a regular in the front row of spin class or a beginner looking to get fit, That Cold Stuff is the key to a successful workout. With its smooth taste, low-acidity levels and big caffeine kick, drinking a serving before working out will increase your strength and endurance while helping boost a positive mindset. Straight up, blended or mixed into one of our delicious recipes, That Cold Stuff becomes a delicious sidekick to your active lifestyle, it will help keep you active, energized and motivated for any workout! So don’t forget to pick up a pouch of That Cold Stuff coffee before your next workout!

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