5 Benefits of That Cold Stuff

Every day we have to make decisions – some big, some small, and some more difficult than others. Ask me what I want to eat? Hope you have a few hours while I have an internal debate with myself, compose a hefty pro con list and consult with at least three friends. What movie should we watch tonight? Let me just scroll through the depths Netflix and post a poll on Instagram really quick to make up my mind. Decisions, man. But there is one decision that always comes easily… Coffee. Do I want some? Yes. Do I know what I want? Yes.

When it comes to coffee, you like what you like and you don’t like to have it any other way. You might frequent a local coffee shop where the barista knows you by name and makes you the perfect iced vanilla latte every time. Or maybe you plan your trips to your local coffee spot strategically so the guy who makes your macchiato with *just* the right amount of caramel drizzle is working. The point is, when it comes to something as important as your coffee, there’s no room for error. And even if you’ve considered trying a different brew, it’s not worth the risk of ruining the one thing that’s guaranteed to go right on Monday morning. Right?


You might feel married to your morning coffee routine, but the relationship is toxic… literally. Your beloved coffee beans are actually packed with chemical compounds and acids that come out during the brewing process. And even though it might taste amazing, it’s damaging to your teeth, stomach lining, overall digestive system and a whole lot more. Now think about how much coffee you drink in a month… Scary stuff. But it doesn’t have to be. You deserve better, move on to That Cold Stuff to get your caffeine kick without all the side effects. Check out how our cold brew is healthier for you, better tasting and more convenient than regular coffee.

1) Its way Less Acidic than Hot Brew

About 67% less to be exact. When coffee is brewed with hot water, it releases bitter and acidic compounds that gives your coffee a sour taste and has a long list of other health side effects.

2) Cold Brew Coffee is an Antioxidant

Unlike hot coffee, that typically has no essential nutrients, cold brew does. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant found in coffee beans that is destroyed by high temperatures. Cold brewing preserves those antioxidants, giving you a healthy caffeine kick.  

3) Its Scientifically Proven to Taste Better

By using cold or room temperature water that’s used for cold brewing, the water doesn’t extract acidity that’s released around 90 to 100 degrees Celsius and results in a sweeter, smoother taste. Not to mention, this sweeter taste means you wont have to add as much sugar or flavoring to your coffee. 

4) The Caffeine Content

We all need a hefty caffeine kick here and there, but a lot of coffee lovers drink for the taste alone. Cold brew contains more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee, about double that of a regular esspresso. So you can get your buzz on with less, or water it down to keep you on a level playing field for longer.

5) It saves you Money and Time

Coffee is costly, plain and simple. On average, you’ll pay about $5-$7 from your local coffee shop or a bigger chain. For those of us who can’t go a day without it, that’s enough to really break the bank. That Cold Stuff makes Cold Brew as easy and cost efficient as it gets. With our concentrate in a pouch you are getting 10 serves of coffee for $15, which over the week breaks down to $1.50 per coffee, you dont need to be a mathematician to notice the savings!

So, it might be time to call it quits with your coffee routine. Switch over to That Cold Stuff to be a healthier and better caffeinated you.

You deserve it.

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